Daniel Averyが『New Energy』を発表

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  • RødhådやFactory Floor、Roman Flügelらが参加したPhantasy Soundのアーティストのリミックスコンピレーションが2枚組で発売決定。
  • Daniel Averyが『New Energy』を発表 image
  • Daniel Avery?2??????????Phantasy Sound??3?????????? ?????????????2013?10???????Avery??????????Drone Logic??????????????????????????????????DJ/????????????Rex Club?????Le Sucre??????fabric?????????????Divided Love??????? ???New Energy??????????????????????????????????????????CD??Ø [Phase]?Silent Servant?Rødhåd?Conforce?Perc?Audion????????????????Factory Floor?Roman Flügel?KiNK?Powell?Special Request?Danny Daze???????????????????????CD1?????????????Phantasy Sound???Erol Alkan?Richard Norris?????????"New Energy"?Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve "Re-Animation"???????????? ?New Energy??CD??????????????????????????Rødhåd?Silent Servant?Volte-Face?????????????12?????????? Rødhåd?????"Drone Logic"???????????????
    Tracklist CD1 01. Drone Logic (Factory Floor Remix) 02. All I Need (Roman Flügel Remix) 03. Platform Zero (Volte-Face Remix) 04. Naive Response (Ø [Phase] Remix) 05. Spring 27 (Silent Servant Remix) 06. Free Floating (Matt Walsh Remix) 07. Knowing We'll Be Here (KiNK Remix) 08. New Energy (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation) CD2 01. Drone Logic (Rødhåd Remix) 02. Need Electric (Audion Remix) 03. Reception (Perc Remix) 04. These Nights Never End (Ricardo Tobar Remix) 06. Simulrec (Conforce Remix) 07. Water Jump (Powell Remix) 08. Taste (Special Request Remix) 09. Naive Response (Danny Daze Remix) ?New Energy [Collected Remixes]???Phantasy Sound??2015?3?2???????