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Why RA Tickets?

RA Tickets is an industry-leading ticketing platform. It's the solution used by electronic music's most established clubbing brands. The service is available globally and works with RA's industry-leading events listings. It's free to list your events and sell tickets on RA.

Getting started as a promoter is easy.
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Running an event for charity fundraising? Get in touch with us and we’ll donate 50% of the booking fee from every ticket sold directly to the charitable cause. Please note that booking fee donations need to be agreed prior to the event taking place.

Connect with a passionate global community of millions

Millions of people think Resident Advisor is the best place to discover club nights and festivals. Working closely with many of the world's best parties, we help promoters across 50 countries connect with a passionate, tuned-in, global community of five million monthly readers. As well as being the place our audience finds out about events, RA is the only place where electronic music fans can discover artists and music they love, then buy tickets to hear them DJ or play live. We bring real fans to your dance floor.

Sell more than just a ticket

RA is not just a ticket seller: we're an advocate for electronic music itself, dedicated to supporting artists, labels, promoters and parties through our discovery tools, articles, reviews, films and events. Our mission is to support local scenes, and help them thrive. By selling tickets through us, you become part of that mission.

Put some power behind your events

The deep connection we have with our audience works for you in many ways. We help you sell tickets to genuine fans discovering events and provide you with bespoke technology that helps you run and market your events. We combine that with a unique suite of data insight tools to help you understand your audience and plan future events.

Leverage our understanding of local scenes and venues

RA is woven into the fabric of the electronic music scene. Just like you, everyone who works at RA lives and breathes this culture. We understand what makes a killer party or how to run a festival. We know how to sell tickets in this world, and we give you a level of support and guidance you won't get anywhere else.

For promoters, it's free.


Over four million electronic music fans use Resident Advisor every month. RA Tickets offers a unique opportunity to reach a hugely engaged audience.

Industry leader
RA's listings are the most comprehensive in the industry, with over one million venues and events on the site.

If you sell tickets through RA your event will receive greater visibility.

Low Booking Fee
RA has one of the lowest booking fees in the market.

Fast Payment
We deposit 100% of ticketing funds directly into your account within five days following the event.

Ticketing Hub
Manage your entire ticketing operation and finances through one advanced platform.

Our advanced reporting tools track everything from sales sources to finance reports, keeping you informed.

24hr Support
We have dedicated support staff in four time-zones. Enjoy round-the-clock support for you and your customers.


RA develops new technologies through dialogue with clients. Our in-house development team understands the needs of the electronic music industry.

Mobile Optimised: RA is optimised for smartphones so users can purchase tickets on-the-go. Our RA Guide iOS app allows users to purchase tickets in seconds with Apple Pay.

Barcoded Tickets: All RA's tickets are barcoded and can be scanned for super-fast entry with the RA Ticket Scanner app.

Resale: RA Tickets Resale service lets customers by tickets to sold-out events securely and earns promoters additional revenue.

Promo Codes: Offer your customers discounted tickets with unique promo codes.

Hidden Tickets: Create secret ticket tiers - perfect for invite-only and pre-registration events.

Priority Promotion

Maximise your presence on electronic music's biggest online community. Increased visibility on RA's core channels can make your event a success.

Popular Events: RA gives popular events extra visibility. The more tickets you sell the higher your event appears in our listings.

Favourites: RA highlights content based on user's favourite artists, clubs and promoters. RA helps you reach the right people at the right time via notifications and alerts.

Homepage Exposure: The most popular events gain exposure on the RA homepage.

Brand building

RA works with the biggest names in electronic music. Beyond ticketing, RA helps venues and promoters build their international brand.

Promoter Profile: Your promoter profile is your home on RA. It gives readers a deep insight into your parties, past and present.

Consultancy: RA's team of dedicated account managers have extensive local market knowledge. They've worked closely with promoters around the world to launch large shows and festivals.

Checkout Solutions

RA works with BrainTree, the leading provider of online payment services and fraud management.

Currency Options: We accept 28 global currencies.

PCI Compliance: RA is 100% PCI compliant, ensuring payment information is stored and transmitted in a secure environment.

Performance: Our checkout payment system is fast, reliable and has the capacity to handle hundreds of transactions a minute. Festival and large ticketing launches are hassle free.

Anti-Fraud: RA’s fraud identification system includes 3D secure and daily order checks to protect your event.


Our ticketing partners enjoy priority promotion on the world's most popular electronic music event discovery platform. We have the pleasure of working with thousands of dance music's biggest and best promoters. Here are just a few.

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