RA Tickets

Our industry-leading resale service lets you securely buy and sell unwanted tickets to sold-out events.

Pay face-value, no more
Secondary ticketing companies and touts can make huge profits from sold-out events. Our system ensures you only ever pay face-value for tickets.

Protect yourself
Unverified digital marketplaces can be exploited by fraudsters. RA Tickets Resale helps fans buy 100% legitimate tickets.

Fan-to-fan exchange
Touts and fraudsters can’t manipulate the system for profit because we’ve created a secure marketplace. By using RA Tickets Resale you ensure your ticket goes to another genuine music fan.

Support the music you love
Support promoters, not touts. If you sell a ticket through our resale system revenue goes directly to the people who deserve it: those running the event.

Fast and easy
You can put a ticket into the resale queue in just a few clicks via your My Tickets section.

Guaranteed refund
Once your ticket is resold you are immediately notified. The original ticket is cancelled, and you’ll be refunded.

How It Works

• If you've purchased a ticket to a sold-out event and can't attend, you can sell through RA Tickets Resale.

• The resale queue is activated at the discretion of the event promoter and therefore may not be active for every event.

• You just need to add your ticket to the resale queue by going to My Tickets and clicking "Resell Ticket."

• Adding your ticket to the resale queue allows RA users to buy your ticket securely.

• Once the event sells out, the ticket resale queue will become active, selling on a first in, first out, basis.

• You can change your mind at any time. (Provided your ticket hasn’t already sold.) Just go My Tickets and click on "Keep Ticket."

• Once resold, the original ticket is cancelled, you are notified immediately and refunded your ticket minus a small administrative fee within a few days.

• Resale tickets will always be available at the final ticket tier price. The original ticket holder benefits from a refund, while the promoter receives any additional revenue.

• The new customer will immediately receive a new, 100% genuine ticket to the event.

For more on the RA Resale service, read the customer FAQ.