RA.076 Michael Fakesch

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    29 Oct 2007
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  • This week's podcast is from Funkstörung-member-gone-solo Michael Fakesch.
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  • Michael Fakesch was one half of celebrated German duo Funkstörung, who called it quits last year. You might know Funkstörung for their glitchy remixes of Bjork, Wu-Tang Clan, Lamb and even Jean-Michael Jarre, but these days Fakesh is going solo, and he's busier than ever. He's has just released his sophomore solo album, Dos on !K7 in collaboration with ace vocalist Taprikk Sweezee, who also co-wrote the songs. The album combines a taste for eighties funk with noisy arrangements and broken beats - a bit like Prince tuned in at slightly the wrong frequency if you like. Check out some samples for Dos at the link below. Fakesh also has his fingers in other pies. He makes music for television commercials, he's been working on film soundtracks, and he's also just remixed Booka Shade and Herbert, continuing to add his trademark glitch and upfront sense of melody to some of the bigger artists in dance music. Out in the clubs, Fakesch does live sets which combine the soulful vocals of Sweezee with dirty electronics, but he also DJs, perhaps most regularly alongside the most impressive !K7 roster, which these days is bringing the likes of Henrik Schwarz, Ewan Pearson, Joakim and Hot Chip to the party. Londoner's can catch a taste of Fakesch in the flesh at the upcoming !K7 party at The Key on November 24th. For his RA podcast, Fakesch sprinkles in a healthy dose of his own productions with a broad selection of noisy funk from the likes of Mouse on Mars, Luke Vibert and The Emperor Machine. Check it out. Three answers from Michael: What have you been working on recently? Many things. I just finished my album 'Dos' together with Taprikk Sweezee and I've also just done remixes for Booka Shade, Herbert and Paul Haslinger (Ex-Tangerine Dream). Besides that I created some sound designs for Toyota, BMW, Disney...and not to forget the soundtrack for the shortmovie 'Glas' by Bert Haanstra. Where was the mix recorded? The mix was recorded at Cafe King, Munich. All additional editing was done in my studio in Rosenheim. What are you up to next? Holidays in Thailand...
  • Tracklist
      01. Michael Fakesch feat Taprikk Sweezee 'Soda (A.Toma/Mouse On Mars)' !K7 02. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 'Scorpio' Sugar Hill Records 03. !!! 'Must Be The Moon (The Emperor Machine Remix)' Warp 04. Metro Area 'Dance Reaction' Environ 05. Octogen 'Square Bells' Soma 06. Booka Shade 'Mandarin Girl (Fakesch Remix)' Get Physical 07. Robert Armani 'A.M.B.U.L.A.N.C.E.' ACV 08. Vector Lovers 'Dusk Panorama' Soma 09. Von Südenfed 'The Rhinohead (siBegg Remix)' Domino 10. Mocky 'Str8-up' Gomma 11. (unknown) 12. Mouse On Mars 'Actionist Respoke' Thrill Jockey 13. Luke Vibert 'Swet' Planet Mu 14. Gosub 'Her Machine' Citinite 14. Plus Device 'Girl You Know I'm VIP' Hefty 15. Cobblestone Jazz 'Slap The Back' !K7 16. IIUU 'Conversea' www.zoik.de 17. Clause Four 'Blue On Blue' DC 18. Flying Lotus '1983' Plug Research 19. Nobody 'Jose De La Rules' Plug Research 20. Apparat 'Hailing From The Edge' BPitch Control vs. Riow Arai 'Side Swipe' Soup Disk 21. Ammoncontact 'Juno What I Mean' Plug Research 22. Luke Vibert (unreleased) 23. Danny Breaks 'Zooloo Nation' Alphabet Zoo 24. Danny Breaks 'Windscreen Wiper' Alphabet Zoo 25. Kid Acne '2,3 Break It' Lex 26. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip 'The Beat That My Heart Skipped' Lex 27. Muallem feat. Beans 'New Thunder The Emperor Machine Vocal Mix) Compost 28. Ammoncontact 'House Plants' Plug Research 29. Hey Willpower 'Uh-Uh-Uh (Strategy Remix) Tomlab 30. Michael Fakesch feat. Taprikk Sweezee 'On The Floor' !K7 31. The High Priest 'War' (unreleased) 32. Cursor Miner feat. MC Robby T 'Gonna Do It Tonight' Seed 33. Michael Fakesch feat. Jurczok1001 'Give It To Me' !K7