RA.179 Joe Goddard

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    2 Nov 2009
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  • The Hot Chip and Greco-Roman co-founder mixes up this week's RA podcast.
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  • Joe Goddard has been a somewhat inescapable figure of the past few years. As vocalist, percussionist and synth wizard in Hot Chip, he's seduced listeners from both rock and dance spheres over the course of three albums, melding live instrumentation and electronics with an irresistibly twee aesthetic. The group have always been interested in the dance floor, as proven by their remarkably diverse additions to the Bugged Out! and DJ Kicks catalogue, mountain of remixes and hectic DJing schedule, with Goddard spinning records either solo or alongside his Hot Chip companions. Such is his love for underground dance music, in fact, that Goddard decided to go it alone and produce a body of work that distils what he's loved about dancing to 2-step, Dutch electro, classic Warp material, Chicago house, and many more styles on his debut solo release, Harvest Festival. His RA podcast is similarly angled and covers many of Goddard's musical loves, traversing from hip-hop to funk via a healthy dose of house and current bass music sounds. You're currently in the US. What are you up to? DJing in LA, San Diego and New Orleans with Alexis, playing at Halloween parties. Playing out bits of Harvest Festival and trying out mixes of the new Hot Chip stuff. Halloween is BIG in the US, seems to last for about a week and involves a lot more dressing up than in the UK. Where and how was the mix recorded? I recorded some vinyl at home in London and then took the files to my good friend Craig's place Red Light Mastering to put the mix together using Ableton. Can you tell us a little about the idea behind the mix? The idea was to build a lush and melodic musical mix with my song "Apple Bobbing" at its heart and to feature my favourite recent records and producers—people like Osborne, Pépé Bradock, Martyn, Zomby, Zed Bias. Different styles of music but hopefully things that work together due to the kinds of melodies they employ. Depending on the night, you might hear me play a set like this whilst out somewhere, unless I am playing somewhere where I can get away with old 2-step garage records because then I tend to play quite a lot of those. Your track "Apple Bobbing," which is featured on this mix, is a beautiful bubbling synth serenade. How was the track made? And will it get a vinyl release? Yes, "Apple Bobbing" will be released on vinyl in the next month. I made the song using an old Sequential Circuits Drum Traks drum machine and my Doepfer modular synthesizer, I wanted to limit myself in terms of the equipment I used with this album (Harvest Festival) to give it a particular production sound. Why did you choose the name Greco-Roman? Can you tell us about the parties, and what's coming up for the label? The next party is at Villa in Berlin on November 21st. I will DJ alongside friends and label boss Alex Waldron. I think we thought the name sounded sexy and exotic, and I have a passion for world history. Also, I associate the name Greco-Roman with beards which is apt because there are many half or fully formed beards in our gang. The next releases for the label will be from Dels, Kwes and the debut album from Drums Of Death, tentatively titled Generation Hexed. What are you up to next? Finishing some tracks with Dels, working on an EP under the name 2 Bears with my mate Raf, mastering the Hot Chip album and then rehearsing and touring with Hot Chip throughout 2010.
  • Tracklist
      01. Jaylib - The Message - White 02. C.O.D - In The Bottle - Emergency Records 03. Arnaud Rebotini - The Swamp Waltz (Steve Moore Remix) - Citizen Records 04. JC Freaks - Dub Praise (Revenge Mix) - Phonica Records 05. Pépé Bradock - Path Of Most Resistance - Atavisme 06. BLK JKS - Mystery (Osborne Remix) - Secretly Canadian 07. Toddla T - Rebel (2 Bears Remix) - 1965 Records 08. Joe Goddard - Apple Bobbing - Greco-Roman 09. The Hook Up 10. Joe Goddard - Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix) - Greco-Roman 11. Tribe - Living in a New Day (C2 Mix) - Planet E 12. Boris - Buzz In (An Optimo (Espacio) Remix) - Scion 13. Floating Points - J&W Beat - Planet Mu 14. Joy Orbison - Wet Look - Hotflush Recordings 15. Zomby - Digital Fauna - Brainmath 16. Zed Bias - Dub Spot Riddim - Sidestepper Recordings 17. Benga - Technocal - Tectonic Recordings 18. Martyn - These Words - 3024 19. Detroit Emeralds - Feel The Need In Me - Supreme Records