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    6 Apr 2009
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  • Playhouse stalwart Peter Kremeier mixes up this week's RA podcast.
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  • If you've been following the activities of Frankfurt's much celebrated Playhouse label during the past decade and a half, then you'll almost certainly have come across the work of Peter Kremeier, AKA Losoul. A Frankfurt resident himself, Kremeier first asserted himself on the city's electronic music scene with his Superbleep parties, which he ran with fellow DJ/producer S-Max. But it was the mesmeric groove of "Open Door," his first single for Playhouse, that quickly made him a respected name on the international scene, a position cemented by the raft of reliably funky twelves that followed it. This month sees Kremeier return to the album format for the third time with Care, and fans will be glad to know that he hasn't lost his Midas touch. What else would we expect from a man that's been dubbed "the coolest m.f. in minimal house" by Kompakt's Michael Mayer? His mix for this week's RA podcast goes some way to prove Mayer's point, progressing from spacious minimal excursions through to more organic fare with a deft touch that's no doubt helped by his many years of experience behind the decks. We caught up with Peter by e-mail to ask a few questions about the mix, the new album and his forthcoming plans. What have you been working on recently? My new album is on the way to be released on Playhouse late April. So this took quite some time last year. Now we are still busy with some organisation and promotion. About this time I also finished remixes for X-District which is a project of Jimmy Edgar and Laura Clarke, for Victorville, Anthony Collins and a new project called Brandt Brauer Frick who do darker jazz-influenced stuff for club floors. So there is some stuff coming out now. How and where was the mix recorded? I did this one at home on a free weekend in winter using a bottle of red wine and running TV as substitute audience...haha. So it's unfortunately not a recording from a club night but it represents it quite well. It can be fine for home listening as well. It's a little bit of a shorter summary of an entire club set. As I still play mainly vinyl, I chose to do a straight live recorded vinyl mix (two turntables and an older mixer which I like for its sound and filter) and did a little mastering afterwards for listening pleasure. Can you tell us a little about the mix? Well, as I've DJed for quite a long time, I wanted to present music from different eras in one blend to create a timeless mood as well as a bridge between early/mid '90s stuff and some new house tunes. Some people might remember a track or two from way back. With my choice of tracks, though, I neither tried to be too fashionable nor to deliver a high-tech construction: It's just a one-shot story. The tracks in here are mostly deep, melancholic and trippy and there are some with rougher sounds as well as those with a more soulful and juicy mood. I like it. Are you still making music for websites at the moment? I did some soundworks for websites in the past (like soundscapes for a French fashion company and some art-related sites as well as mastering for a web-based music platform). I really found it interesting to combine the ideas of visual appearance and aspects of communication with sound. But, as you might understand, recently I have concentrated more on my own music and remixes since I've set up my studio and way of working for at the moment. Maybe I will engage myself on more conceptual topics like these next year again. Can you explain a little bit about the title of your forthcoming album? Care is about having an eye on certain styles you like. Keeping a line of content, and also looking at a tradition of sound and developing it in a good way. It's simple, but I want to turn it positive finally. We all have dreams and ideas but we're part of the real world at the same time. So between these poles it's good to find a way of doing things, a style or character which one can cultivate. It's all the same in music, in life, in love and it's not as "head" as it might seem now. It's good to get to know different ways of doing things, of various cultures and it's boring and dodgy to just stick to the same, especially when it's just ego. Anyway, what I also love besides doing music is to travel and see how things work in different places. I feel that all this brought a lot of experience and substance into my work as a musician and audio engineer. And this is what one can share. Not more, not less. You're known as both a live act and DJ. Do you prefer one over the other? I like both. For me it's two different ways of meeting the audience actually. I don't really like to play my own tracks as a DJ, so the programs usually are quite different from each other. In the early '90s I started both DJing and producing, but I DJed more and I have done live shows from time to time. When I worked with singers to produce songs, we performed them live together. This used to have a rare value to me. DJing is about presenting what others did and combine it your way, while a live set is more about doing your very own stuff and playing it individually on that particular night. What are you up to next? I'm starting to tour quite intensively right now promoting the album. There will be some gigs in Germany and Europe, but I will also go to Japan and Australia soon as well. And, after releasing the album, we plan to present related remixes of these tracks by some producers we like. It looks like we can expect a great package.
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