RA.106 Nôze

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    9 Jun 2008
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  • This week on the pod: a live set from the court jesters of dance music recorded at Mutek in Montreal.
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  • "Minimal is from Germany and we are from France, we make a different kind of minimal. I hope you like it. It's a little bit strange." Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhès ain't kidding. RA scribe Jacob Wright calls it "boozecore" and there probably isn't a better word for what Nôze create in their Parisian studio. Pan flutes, drunken trombones, barroom piano, all of it make it in to the duo's latest full-length, Songs on the Rocks. In this live set, taken from the recent Piknic Electronic party during Montreal's Mutek Festival, the first thing you'll notice is those voices. Sfintescu often sounds like he's channeling a vodka-soaked Tom Waits; Pailhès is like the prototypical French crooner that can't seem to keep his pants on. Throughout, they enact a stand-up comedy routine, beginning the festivities by welcoming a rain-soaked Montreal crowd, "Hello Ibiza!" Things only get funnier—and stranger—from there, including peons to washing your feet, piano-led showtunes and the always lovable closing number 'Remember Love'. It's a rough and ready trip with the campest duo in dance music working today.