Yutaka Hiroseのアンビエント名盤『Soundscape 2: Nova』の拡張版が再発へ

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  • この1986年のLPは、当時ミサワホームが住宅展示場で使用する目的で制作されたもの。
  • Yutaka Hiroseのアンビエント名盤『Soundscape 2: Nova』の拡張版が再発へ image
  • We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records??Yutaka Hirose(?? ?)??Nova + 4??7?5????????? ???????????????Hirose???????????Soundscape 2: Nova???50???????????????????????????????????????????????Soundscape 2: Nova??????????????Soundscape?????????1986??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????LP??Hirose??????????????????????????????????????????4????????????Nova + 4???????CD??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????Ken Hidaka??????????????????
    Tracklist 01. Nova 02. Slow Sky 03. In The Afternoon 04. Taiko 05. Humming The Sea 06. Through The Windows 07. Epilogue 08. Old Dream Spell 09. Light Which Shakes Quietly 10. One Day In Summer 11. Shadow Of A Water Droplet Cassette A1. Nova (Cassette Version) A2. Slow Sky (Cassette Version) A3. In The Afternoon (Cassette Version) A4. Taiko (Cassette Version) B1. Humming The Sea (Cassette Version) B2. Through The Windows (Cassette Version) B3. Fissures Of The Atmosphere (Cassette Only Exclusive) ?Soundscape 2: Nova???We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records??2019?7?5??????