Doc Scottが『Future Beats: The Album』をリリース

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  • Calibre、Ital Tek、Loxyらのトラック全24曲をフィーチャーしたBOXセットが31 Recordingsから登場。
  • Doc Scottが『Future Beats: The Album』をリリース image
  • Doc Scott???31 Recordings?????????????Future Beats: The Album??12?15????????? ??????????????????????????Future Beats???????????????????24??????BOX???????????????????????2010?????????????????????11?????????????? ?Future Beats: The Album???6??12???(???????????)???200????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Calibre?Marcus Intalex?Sam KDC?Commix?George?Loxy?Paradox?????????????Ital Tek?J:Kenzo????????????????????????????????????Calibre?????????????????SoundCloud???????????????????? ?????????Doc Scott??12?20?(?)???UNIT??????DBS18???????????Metalheadz?????????Goldie?????????????????
    Tracklist A1 Eastern District - Eight Days A2 Calibre - Deep Orca B1 Thing - One Million B2 House Of Black Lanterns - Take Control C1 Nucleus & Paradox - Chiron C2 George Commix - Ghost Loops D1 Digital & Spirit - Captive D2 Gremlinz - Forlorn E1 Bungle - Changes E2 Hidden Turn - Dream Of Tron F1 J:Kenzo - Talisman F2 Cern - Don't Leave Me G1 Klute - Natural Observer G2 Loxy & Resound - Purity H1 Marcus Intalex - These Days H2 Overlook - Persona I1 Moresounds - Rahstok I2 Ruffhouse - The Max Headroom Intrusion J1 Sam KDC - Incarcerate J2 SCAR - Treading Water K1 Vromm - The Key K2 Sinistarr - H3xx L1 Ital Tek - Vector L2 Skeptical - Offline ?Future Beats: The Album???31 Recordings??2014?12?15???????