UNKNOWN seasonがコンピレーション・アルバムを発表

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  • 『A Day Of Rain - UNKNOWN perspective –』と題したアルバムにHiroshi Watanabe、9dwらが登場。
  • UNKNOWN seasonがコンピレーション・アルバムを発表 image
  • ????UNKNOWN season?????????????·?????A Day Of Rain - UNKNOWN perspective –??7?????????? 2010?12??100%????????????????·?????UNKNOWN season???????Gonno?DJ KENT a.k.a. The Backwoods?Teruyuki Kurihara aka Cherry??????????????????????????????????????2009???????????????????/???????·????Destination Magazine?????????????????????????????????????????CD????????????Destination Magazine????????????????????????????Hiroshi Watanabe ???????????9dw???? “Right On” ?Ryoma Takemasa?????????????????? Tracklist 01. Through Tone “You Have No Choice” 02. 9dw “Right On (Takemacycle Sloppy Drums Dub)” 03. Beatblocks “Dice” 04. Cherry “Fragile (The Saturday Dawn Edit)” ----Interlude 1 05. Converge+ “Oblaat” 06. Beatblocks “Waterfall (Dazzle Drums Remix)” 07. Hiroshi Watanabe “A Day Of Rain” 08. Cherry “Fragile (The Saturday Dawn Edit)” ----Interlude 2 09. kokoz “Poco Muted (YOSA Remix)” 10. Ryoma Takemasa “Mini House Groove#4” 11. kokoz “Ohm” V.A.?A Day Of Rain -UNKNOWN perspective- ???UNKNOWN season??7?18???????