Fulgeanceのファーストフルアルバム『To All Of You』がリリース

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  • リミキサーには、日本人アーティストYosi Horikawaも登場。
  • Fulgeanceのファーストフルアルバム『To All Of You』がリリース image
  • ???????????????Fulgeance?????????????To All Of You?????????? ?????Musique Large?All City Dublin?????????One Handed Music???????????????????MPC????????????????????·?????????????????????????????????Fulgeace????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Fulgeance??????????10???????????Josip Klobucar????????Brokenchord????????1000names??????????Ben Butler & Mousepad? ??????Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez ???????????????????Red Bull Music Academy???????????Yosi Horikawa?????????????????????????????????????·???????????????????????????CD???????11?13???????? Tracklist 1. La Cite Des Anges 2. Hiver Normand 3. Glasgow Lunacy 4. Vilnius Bump 5. Montefalco Mato 6. London Falling 7. Sweet Sofia 8. One for Bestown 9. Espresso Fredda (I Athina einai teleia) 10. Tokyo Blue Nostalgia 11. Hiver Normand (Josip Klobucar Remix) 12. London Falling (Brokenchord Remix) 13. Sweet Sofia (1000names Remix) 14. Tokyo Blue Nostalgia (Yosi Horikawa Remix) 15. Vilnius Bump (Baron Retif et Concepcion Perez Remix) 16. Vilnius Bump (Ben Butler & Mousepad Remix) Fulgeance??To All Of You???Melting Pot Music??2011?11?13???????