Boiler Underground Records



  • Boiler Underground is a record label hailing all the way from Italy, striving to deliver nothing but the very best when it comes to electronic music, with a particular attention on styles such as deep-house, tech-house, techno and minimal. This label is young, dynamic and upbeat, and follows the best European tradition, adding another promising household name to one of the most acclaimed electronic music scene world wide. The old continent has always shown a special propulsion for breeding the most eclectic, innovative and original electronic artists out of the global scene, and Boiler Underground is set on keeping up with this very good tradition of diversity and sonic challenge. Boiler only started out in 2013, but it’s run with a compelling determination and a winning overall philosophy. This label immediately strikes with a totally uncompromising underground mindset, firmly believing in the creative power and freedom of expression of the artists as opposed to the strictly commercial compromise many labels these days are willing to swallow just to get to their proverbial 15 minutes of glory. Instead of following a flat line and settle down for average, Boiler Underground sticks to their guns, aiming to focus on original artists capable of crafting high quality tracks that will make the happiness of DJs, producers and any music fan around the world with an eye out for a diverse and colorful approach. With a revolutionary mindset, Boiler Underground Records set the bar high, settling for nothing but the absolute best when it comes to electronic music. This Italian-based label his quickly growing a steady reputation around the global scene as a haven for artists and dance music lovers all over the place.


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