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  • We Will Mutate... The word Pioneer envokes many a lofty image. Read through most DJ/Producer/Label biogs & you're guaranteed to come across 'the' word once. Mutate Records is not a pioneering Label, wasn't at the forefront of a genre creating wave of music, why ... we haven't even 'broke' an artist to the musical world ... well! not yet! What Mutate Records is, is a label created by recording artists with over 25 years experience of making and breaking dance music, a label FOR artists by artists, a label for producers & artists tired of submitting their music, their art and their souls to mindless 'record label' collectives who don't really feel or truly understand just what it is that they are working and care even less when they fail to deliver the promotion, the interest and the dj plays that a piece of music deserves. Mutate Records offers an artist friendly alternative for recording artists. Mutate will function without the need for protracted contracts which means that the writers can release their music & ultimately retain their copyright & ownership rights - that's only right, right?!!