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  • Lampuka Records is a new underground electronic music label dedicated to releasing quality music on limited vinyl pressings & digital. The ethos for Lampuka according to boss Raimo? "Thought provoking and mood evoking. I want people to remember when they first encountered a Lampuka". For info and bookings: [email protected] LAMP004 - 28.04.14 Asan has been making music for some time and he is an analog junky. When not dancing in circles with druids he can be found locked in darkened rooms with daisy chained analog circuits “looping the mother of all loops” in what sometimes seem like never ending sessions. The LAMP004 EP is a culmination of such sessions which have taken the artist to Berlin, Amsterdam and back to London over the space of a year with his drum machine and MPC in tow. His unique analog noodlings are something to behold. LAMP003 - Garben Eden + TUSK Remix LAMP002 - Pistol Pete + Raimo Remix LAMP001 - Raimo and Tomas Rubeck + Fudge Fingas Remix


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