• Today Artreform is an essential part of the Ukrainian electronic scene. There are already 36 vinyl releases in the catalog of the label. This number determines the high status of Artreform among top DJs around the world. DJ and producer Joss, the ideologist of the label, has always perceived Artreform, first and foremost, as an important tool for search of new communications. So, after a few years of active work, the label was able to present talented Ukrainian performers like IO, Harris, Outstrip, author’s releases of Joss to the world. On the other hand, constantly looking for qualitative, mainstream music, the Artreform team has attracted one after the other many reputable performers from Europe and Latin America, acquainting their music fans with own music pieces in the country. At different times Artreform produced Polish project Robot Needs Oil, Italian duo Luminer, label stars Kompakt- SCSI-9, residents Cocoon Records - Frank Lorber, French producer Djebali, and Berlin DJ Benno Blome – Sender Records boss. Looking at the whole catalog, one can say that the sound of Artreform has always varied between tech-house, deep house and techno. But, at the same time, creative research and experimentation with sound have always been the advantage of the Artreform label community based on the self-titled studio in Kiev. The context and meaning are also equally treated. Ethnic Ukrainian ornamental implemented in the pixel-art technique is not just a label’s brand name, but it is one of the proofs that nowadays the modern Ukrainian music scene creates a new personal image on the map of the world progressive music.


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