• The art of sensible and logically organize a coherent mix of sounds and silences. Our concept of music you go beyond this definition.) Something which has the potential to cause excitement, optimism, euphoria, happiness, cheer, to dance, go crazy, to take you to ecstasy, to make travel memories coming close in time, or to record new moments in your mindunforgettable ... What could cause so many sensations? For us only the music, we value it, you? Logical is a platform formed by different types of artists created beginning of 2009 in Madrid. Its creators were based on the idea of transmitting a musical avant-garde concept, nothing more. This initial concept is growing rapidly thanks to the support and collaboration of promoters, DJs, producers, visual and graphic artists that are already part of the family Logical. This has increased the versatility of the project, bringing together different influences oriented the same objective, to provide freshness to the current scene with our personal dance music. "Something about us", a title which gives name to our first reference is realize the effort and energy that each component has Logical Records in the project. It is a journey.


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