Gotta Keep Faith



  • Since its creation, five years ago, the Milanese label has already successfully produced a lot of talented artists, besides big names, releasing more than eighty high-quality house listening pearls. The team is like a family and their leitmotiv is simple: bringing together all their skills working side by side try to living with love and respect each other, inspired by Jesus’ Word. In this scenario the crew realized some fine house-music productions and build an optimum relationships net. There are many Dj’s, producers, singers that has started their career with Gotta Keep Faith Records, first of all the famous GRAMOPHONEDZIE, that is one of the best friends of Jean Paul. Whether they come from Milan, London, New York or Paris, the artists of G.K.F. take their inspiration in what music has best and warmest to offer: jazz, funk, soul, boss nova… Thanks to his founders, the DJ’s Ezio Centanni and Jean Paul François as known as Spiritual Blessings, who used their strongly build musical culture as the roots of that tree which is growing every day. The label proved that music made with positive thoughts can still be very devastating on the dance floor. That could explain why G.K.F. tunes are now played by top D.J.’s all around the planet. In fact in total opposite to cold electro and techno music, the label follow the target to spread always some warm vibes. Actually GOTTA KEEP FAITH is also an ASCAP Publisher and Digital Distribution for few and restricted label. We’re talking about SOBRA RECORDINGS, the b-side of G.K.F., SPIRIT SOUND RECORDS label of the well known DJ Tony Loreto, NU DEEP MUSIC of the funky-famous Dj Rico a.k.a. Deep Y’All, DISKO ZOO RECORDS of the super-star producer GramophoneDzie, the Sicilian VIALOCAL RECORDINGS and DIGITAL VINYL RECORDINGS from Miami. G.K.F. has licensed hundred tracks for the best compilation of the world like Global Underground by Nick Fanciulli, Release Yourself by Roger Sanchez, GoGo’s Music compilation by Ralf Gum, So


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