From disco to disko



  • If the members of LE DISKO would have decided to buy guitars when they were 15yo, the story would have been different. But, while the 2000’s where only starting, while the “club culture” was getting to all European cities, getting turntables was sexier, even in Corsica. To use those turntables they needed records. And when they were unable to find them in the only disc shop of their Corsican town, they ordered them on the web (or steal dodgy mp3 versions). It is this specific tool, the Internet, that will shake their certainties up at the dawn of their 20s. MySpace, Reason… the Mediterranean disappears while the music festival Calvi on the rocks shots up. Nothing will be the same again. They will go from music festival to music festival in Corsica, as partiers, as artists too. As years go by, their music tastes get stronger. Full of contrasts. And what if this was LE DISKO? 2017, the idea of a monthly party was born: “From disco to disko” is the expression of their multifaceted love, their love for disco balls, their love for danceable music. 2019, the only records their collection is missing are theirs. “From disco to disko” becomes a music label. They’ve just turned 30.