• ________________________________________________________________________ REDUCED // to the essential. ________________________________________________________________________ Founded in 2013, the Potsdam-based label REDUCED is dedicated solely to provide deep tech & deep house oriented sounds with a certain minimalist tendency. A primary requirement for each release is groove. ________________________________________________________________________ Releases RDCD001 Ordinary Subject - Mind Over Matter RDCD002 Coskun Akmeric - Knockdown RDCD003 Ordinary Subject - Elusive Talks RDCD004 V.A. - Point Of No Return RDCD005 Dean Barred, Dubbtone & Tileff - What Happend RDCD006 Paul Mad - Conversations RDCD007 Just_Me - Between The Lines RDCD008 V.A. - Joint Future RDCD009 Ordinary Subject - What We Talk About RDCD010 F.eht - Guess Why RDCD011 Ordinary Subject - One Left RDCD012 Jesus Dominguez - Change RDCD013 Fulvio Ruffert & Gregorio Serasin Crowd RDCD014 V.A. - Evaluation RDCD015 Ordinary Subject - Derailed RDCD016 V.A. - Cooperation RDCD017 Matt Time - Inside The Circle RDCD018 Rockwell & Landers, Igor The Koi - Transpose RDCD019 Coskun Akmeric - All Kinds RDCD020 Various Artists - Apart RDCD021 JP Elorriaga - Sense RDCD022 Nepemora - Plexto RDCD023 Various Artists - Beyond RDCD024 stillill - Depth RDCD025 Deepstrict - Mind Glow (Release date: February 12, 2018) ________________________________________________________________________ Contact ________________________________________________________________________


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