EX.071 Neville Watson

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    6 Jan 2012
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  • An old school house head talks record shops and Tory haircuts.
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  • Neville Watson has grown up with house music. As a teenager living in Buckinghamshire, UK, during the '80s he witnessed the influx of American and European music to the country and the effect of the notorious summer of love in 1988. He owned a record shop in the wake of the acid house boom where he imported early Relief and Cajual releases, pushing them to Windsor's small record-buying public, and throughout the '90s he released music on the shop's eponymous label, Mighty Atom. By 2004 both label and shop were gone, as the whole industry began to feel the strain of the digital revolution, but a chance meeting over the internet with Bulgarian producer Kink in 2006 (and the resulting collaborations) saw his profile suddenly rise. The rest, as they say, is history. With solo albums from himself and from his partnership with Kink planned to drop in 2012, the future looks brighter than ever for former actor and removals man.
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