EX.060 Prime Direct Distribution

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    21 Oct 2011
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  • Behind the scenes at one of the few UK distributors left standing.
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  • How the records you buy make the journey from studio to turntable may not routinely cross your mind, but behind the scenes is an endangered breed of professionals who form a critical link in this chain. We're talking of course about distributors. One of the last remaining companies in the field is south London's Prime Direct Distribution. Working with labels like Drumcode, Wolf Music and Hypercolour, Prime advises their clients on everything from vinyl pressing to artist management. And, of course, they get the records to the shops. There's a great deal more to the distribution game than meets the eye. RA's Ryan Keeling recently sat down with the head of the company, Spencer Broughton, to find out more about the important role they play in the music industry.
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      The Dead Rose - Just a Bitter Love - Wolf Music Throwing Snow - Shadower - Sneaker Social Club