EX.586 Mark Clifford (Seefeel)

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    25 Nov 2021
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  • Fusing instruments and electronics with a core member of the legendary group.
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  • Traditional instruments and electronics can be uneasy musical bedfellows. Instruments are mute without a performer while electronics sound endlessly without human intervention. Today we take the distinction for granted as the line between played and programmed, real and virtual becomes harder to trace. But Seefeel remains a model for a successful, mutually reinforcing relationship between the band format and electronics, allowing the two to meet on their own terms and acknowledge their differences while finding indistinct zones between them, revealing something about performance and processing, the real and the surreal through the music's sonic in-between-ness Seefeel's jump from the Too Pure stable, known for acts like Stereolab and PJ Harvey, to Warp Records, bastion of contemporary electronic music, symbolised this change. This year's Rupt and Flex (1994-96) boxset shone a light on this important time, and the group's Mark Clifford sat down with Matt McDermott to delve deeper into its continuing relevance.
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      Seefeel - Spangle (Autechre Remix) [Warp]