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    29 Jul 2011
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  • From disco to discourse with one of Germany's most influential music journalists.
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  • The name Hans Nieswandt may be an unfamiliar one to audiences outside Germany. Inside the country, however, he was one of the leading voices in music journalism during the acid house revolution. As an editor at Spex, his features and reviews helped spread the gospel of dance music to German readers in much the same way Julie Burchill brought punk into the pages of NME. If international audiences know of Nieswandt, though, it's likely as part of Cologne's Whirlpool Productions, a trio formed with Justus Köhncke and Eric D. Clark who had a #1 hit in Italy with 1996's "From Disco to Disco." Ever since, Nieswandt has pursued his twin passions of music and writing, staying busy as the electronic music advisor for the Goethe Institut and, over the course of the last decade, publishing three books about DJ culture. Last week, RA's Todd L. Burns caught up with Nieswandt the afternoon after he closed the Kompakt night at Panorama Bar to chart the many facets of his career.
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      Hans Nieswandt - The House Next Door - Ladomat 2000 Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays - Streetlink Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf - EMI Whirlpool Productions - De Groove You Spezial - Ladomat 2000 Phuture - Acid Trax - Trax Records Phuture - Inside Out (Pierre Wild Pitch Mix) - Strictly Rhythm Whirlpool Productions - The Cold Song - Landomat 2000 Whirlpool Productions - From Disco to Disco - Landomat 2000 Hans Nieswandt - Hunky Funky Boogie (Part I) - Landomat 2000 Hans Nieswandt - Freaks, I See Life - Landomat 2000 Whirlpool Productions - Moon Huh - Landomat 2000 Hans Nieswandt - Out of My Many Moods - Landomat 2000 Hans Nieswandt - It's Not Over - Landomat 2000