EX.370 Club of Fear / Freedom or security

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    7 Sep 2017
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  • Should clubs be considering or ignoring the threat of attack?
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  • Following a series of attacks at music venues across the world, more discussion is taking place around the topic of public security in clubs. Should clubbers, promoters and club owners be concerned about potential threats? What should be done to reduce the risk? Is it even right to ask these sorts of questions when the likelihood of catastrophe is so low? It's a complex issue to tackle, but that's exactly what happened at a panel recorded in the garden of Berlin club ://about blank back in July. The venue, with support from Musicboard Berlin, has launched a series of talks, titled Amplified Kitchen, to explore just these types of topics. The direction of the discussion is outlined in its title: "Club Of Fear - Freedom or security - do we need to choose?" Moderated by RA staff writer Angus Finlayson, it brought together Luis Manuel Garcia, Celine Degrave and Christine Preiser, who shed a light on what is at stake when the rhetoric of public security comes in to contact with club spaces.
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      Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Copy Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Levitation Praxis Pt. 4