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    24 Nov 2016
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  • Casually shaping dance music history with a chameleonic London artist.
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  • The Exchange has been running for six years, and we can say with some certainty that we've never heard a story quite like Arthur Smith's. This could be because it doesn't even seem to make sense. He's an artist who's done so much but is known for so little of it—"Wait, you did that!?" is something he's used to hearing. This is why Smith feels his career has only just begun—despite making music since 1989. In 2016, he's mostly known as Artwork, the DJ behind Art's House, an event series with ties to London and Ibiza, and as one-third of Magnetic Man, his "dubstep super group" with Skream and Benga who achieved the genre's first mainstream success. But did you know he had a notable career as a techno artist back in the '90s? Or that he co-wrote one of UK garage's biggest hits? How about the fact he has reasonable claim to have invented dubstep? Or that he had a sideline writing remixes for some of the world's biggest pop stars? Smith is also a famous raconteur, a social media goofball, and a man who once had a Domino's pizza delivered to a train, so the anecdotes were flowing freely in this recent conversation with RA editor Ryan Keeling.
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      Grain - Untitled Artwork - Red