EX.317 The Hour: Dekmantel conference highlights

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    1 Sep 2016
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  • Objekt, Dasha Rush and Antal are among the guests on this roundup of our panels at the recent Amsterdam event.
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  • The Hour is a new podcast from Resident Advisor. Each month, we'll be bringing you an hour of documentaries, discussion, interviews and other things besides. The Hour will run as part of the weekly Exchange, although unlike its sister podcast it won't have a set format—instead, it'll be a constantly shifting blend of features that'll simply reflect what's exciting us each month. This time out we're bringing you highlights from last month's Dekmantel festival conference in Amsterdam, which RA programmed in collaboration with Dekmantel. The afternoon session at the EYE Film Institute included live Exchange interviews with Surgeon and Marcellus Pittman (both of which you'll be able to hear in the coming weeks), as well as a couple of panel discussions. Aaron Coultate, RA's news editor, gathered some of the Dutch electronic music scene's key figures to discuss the recent boom in reissuing records. Joining him was Antal, who runs Rush Hour, a label, record shop and distributor based in Amsterdam; Serge, the man behind Clone, a label, record shop and distributor based in Rotterdam; and Young Marco, a DJ and producer known for his eclectic tastes. In the second half of the show you'll hear Mark Smith, RA's tech editor, presenting a panel called Inspiration Vs Process. The challenge here was to put into words things that are sometimes considered ineffable, namely where an artist's creative fuel comes from, and how that is turned into music. Mark was joined by the artists Objekt, Dasha Rush, Randomer and Palms Trax.
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      Leon Vynehall - Midnight On Rainbow Road Palms Trax - Equation