RA.245 Ron Morelli

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    9 Apr 2015
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  • Inside the mind of the man behind L.I.E.S.
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  • Since 2010, Ron Morelli has made a career out of doing something unintentionally radical: he releases electronic music, including house and techno, that has little or nothing to do with DJs and clubs. His label, L.I.E.S., is electronic in production but punk in spirit. Its records are scrappy, unpredictable, clearly unconcerned with being liked. While other labels are inspired by the experience of going out, L.I.E.S. specializes in "music for shut-ins," to quote the title of one of its compilations. Many listeners in the feel-good world of dance music find this baffling, but Morelli never meant to be controversial. As he tells it, he started L.I.E.S. for a very simple reason: to release great music by his friends. Five years and more than 100 records later, L.I.E.S. is as popular as it is divisive. On a recent Sunday afternoon, Morelli met up with Will Lynch to give us his side of the story.
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      Bookworms - African Rhythms Marcos Cabral - Buried Alive Twice