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    21 Aug 2014
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  • Steven Ford talks Archangel, influences and stylistic evolution.
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  • Steven Ford's musical journey is a unique one—hearing the sensitive, detail-rich electronic productions he's made as Bruno Pronsato, you probably wouldn't guess he used to play drums in a metal band. Encountering the sort of music Perlon was releasing in the early 2000s, though, was an eye-opener for the American producer. He was living in Seattle at the time, and before long, he was devoting practically every moment he wasn't sleeping or working to the studio. Around a decade ago, the music took him to Berlin, where he's lived ever since, and where nearly everyone knows him as "Bruno," not "Steven." After three albums and well over a dozen EPs as Bruno Pronsato, the producer is striking out on a new musical endeavor called Archangel. Live performance and rock-style song structures are crucial to the project, and though its sound doesn't stray too far from Bruno Pronsato, it's easy to see Archangel as bringing Ford full-circle. What better time, then, to have him by our Berlin office to chat about the path that's led him there.
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      Archangel - Momentum Of The Farce Bruno Pronsato - The Make Up The Break Up