EX.209 Rob Star

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    24 Jul 2014
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  • One of the key figures in London nightlife shares his story.
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  • Few are better placed to discuss the art of promoting parties than Rob Star. You might know him as one half of the team behind mulletover, a wildly popular event that played a leading role in shifting London's dance music scene out of nightclubs and into temporary spaces. These days mulletover is a legit operation, but in its early years Star and co worked in the spirit of early rave promoters, producing events in weird and wonderful locations while trying to stay one step ahead of the law. Star's earliest jobs in music were with huge UK festivals like Tribal Gathering and Homelands, and he channelled those experiences into Eastern Electrics, which started out as large-scale, inner-city event and eventually grew into an outdoor, multi-day festival. Away from the dance floor, he's also become a respected pub proprietor, with three venues across London that aim to draw in grownup ravers. In a nightlife climate as turbulent as London's, Star has had many ups and downs over the years, so ahead of next weekend's Eastern Electrics festival we invited Star over to hear his story.
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