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    13 Sep 2013
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  • A lifelong enthusiast talks decades of dance music.
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  • Thomas Koch has seen a lot of dance floors over the last 25 years—and he's taken them in from a number of vantage points. After falling hard for disco and hip-hop as a young man in Frankfurt, he went wild for house music in the late '80s, due in no small part to Sven Väth, whose Omen club quickly became a home away from home. Koch would go on to found a handful of dance music institutions—the seminal German dance music magazine Groove, which he edited and published for the better part of 15 years, plus the Get Physical label and the Frankfurt nightclub Monza—but the ritual of the dance was both his first and greatest love. When we caught up with the man known to most as DJ T., we found him embracing it with newfound vigor. He's in the midst of compiling seminal tracks from his two and a half decades as a professional DJ, but he's also devoting himself to his records and his studio in a way he hasn't been able to before. So while you'll hear plenty of discussion of DJ T.'s past here, you'll sense he isn't hanging up his headphones any time soon.
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