EX.156 Mr. Beatnick

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    12 Jul 2013
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  • The rising London producer talks record collecting, broken beat and unexpected career moves.
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  • Nick Wilson is a rabid record collector, occasional journalist and talented DJ who could comfortably be described as a music obsessive. Settling in London after a childhood of moving around Europe, Wilson's passion for hip-hop led him to London's emerging broken beat scene. But it wasn't until he made an unexpected move into house that Mr. Beatnick really started to garner attention. "Synthetes," which was released in 2011 on Don't Be Afraid, wedded his love for live and un-quantized sounds to a classic house template, and captured the minds of the genre's finest DJs. Fresh off a trilogy of increasingly adventurous EPs, and playing out more regularly than ever, Wilson is currently at a career high. Andrew Ryce sat down with him in London recently to discuss his nomadic childhood, his formative experiences in London and his accidental move into house music.
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