EX.145 Dinky

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    26 Apr 2013
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  • The Chilean artist talks new directions.
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  • Dinky has a new album coming out in the summer and, given the context, it should prove to be one of more ambitious records released in 2013. For the last three years, she has shifted focus away from producing house music and instead turned her attention to singing and songwriting. In many respects this has meant starting again from scratch. Alongside her husband and co-producer Matthew Styles, the pair had to learn a fresh set of skills required for a more pop-focussed approach. It's an impressive challenge to undertake at this stage in her career, particularly when you consider that Dinky has been engaged with electronic music since the early 90s. Back in her home country, Chile, she got to know artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Dandy Jack, who were then setting up roots in Germany and absorbing the country's techno scene. Like many Chilean producers, Dinky eventually wound up in Berlin, and it was there that we met up earlier this month to discuss her two decades in dance music.
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