Margate Arts Club



  • MARGATE ARTS CLUB HOUSE RULES: 1. All members/guests must act in a respectful manner to each other and staff at all times. Abusive, violent, misogynistic, sexist, racist, transphobic, homophobic attitudes will not be tolerated. This is an LGBTQ+ and female safe space. Have fun, go wild, but respect each others boundaries. 2. The main objective of the arts club is to facilitate the social intercourse of persons connected with or interested in Art, Music, Literature, architecture or Science. 3. We ask that you vacate the premises quietly and be mindful of our neighbours. No drinks to be taken out the front of the club at any time. 4. No smoking inside the arts club at any time. 5. To gain entry, press bell under letter box to the left of the door. Wait. Do not knock on windows or door.