RA.142 Josh Wink

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    16 Feb 2009
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  • Philly DJ/producer Josh Wink gets a little deeper on this week's RA podcast.
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  • It's been nearly twenty years since Josh Wink first stepped onto the electronic music scene with the ethnic hip-house of "Tribal Confusion," a track produced alongside fellow Philadelphian house-head King Britt. It's been a whirlwind ever since. Wink became a worldwide star with his ubiquitous acid house hits of the mid-90s before traversing between techno, breakbeat and drum & bass on his numerous releases throughout the rest of the decade. And, in the '00s, he even embraced the sound of modern minimal techno and found his way onto M_nus' min2MAX compilation. Wink's RA podcast sees him with his finger on the pulse as per usual, mixing up recent and upfront cuts of a slightly deeper persuasion than you'd expect from one of his regular club sets. We caught up with Josh by e-mail to ask about the mix, this year's WMC and bananas. What have you been working on recently? Just doing press for the new LP. I don't release many albums or do much press, so I really decided to take time out and focus on giving people a bit of me besides music—interviews! Like this one. I'm not used doing press [and it's] been a long time since all the questions! Ha. However, I'm itching to get back to making music. Where and how was the mix recorded? I recorded this mix mid-month of January 2009. It was recorded in my studio in Philly and I was bombarded with using too many tracks in this mix, as there's so much great music out there! I took a lot of time getting the musical flow right. I mean it's a RA Mix! I'm subscribed to get every podcast, and I love the mixes you guys offer. I think it's remarkable! I'm not sure people realize how special the mixes are! I'm happy to be asked and take part! Can you tell us a little about the mix? I love the deeper side of house and techno and love to play it out at gigs, yet sometimes it's easier on a mix because you listen to a mix differently than if you were at a club. Yet, this mix definitely has the dance-floor in mind, but mixes/CD's are fun for doing things a bit differently than the club/festival set. The mix is still a reflection of me for sure. A little deep, dark, acidic, hypnotic and sexy. A nice lil' trip going up and down, here and there all in 60 minutes. Fun! Do you have anything special planned for the 200th release on Ovum? We have something extra, extra special planned! What are you getting up to at Miami's WMC this year? We're doing our 13th annual Ovum WMC Party at Shine at the Shelborne Hotel on Wednesday, March 25. We're always happy to be doing our party in conjunction with the WMC! Never stress at our parties; always great people, great vibes and great artists, without the usual drama of WMC parties. What are you up to next? After When a Banana is released, I'm going to focus on touring to support it, which is great! (Cause dj's don't always travel in conjunction with a release, so this is special for me.) I'll be focusing on Ovum and our release schedule, which for 2009 is a great line up (coming up: DJ Yellow, Nic Fanciulli & Steve Mac, Gregor Tresher). Then, I'll be working on compiling the 4th installment of my Profound Sounds mix series, and putting the finishing touches on my studio, because I'm itching to make new music! Enjoy summer!
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      Atheus - Sphere One - Baum Brothers' Vibe - Feelin' House (Raw mix) - Mixx Records Kapuchon & Benny Rodrigues - Unexpected - Beyond Crowdpleaser & Ly Sander - Walking Home (Kalabrese remix) - Drumpoet Community Tim Wolff - Branch - EevoNext Recordings Wink feat. Ursula Rucker - 6th Sense - Ovum Recordings Radiohead - Nude (Ripperton 9$ remix) - CDR Roman IV - Green Tea - Playhouse Adonis - No Way Back - Trax Records Josh Wink - Everybody to the Sun - Ovum Recordings Wink - Are You There (A cappella) - Ovum Recordings Andres Garcia - No More Tears (Quarion remix) - Connaisseur Recordings Donor/Truss - Abbott - Synewave DJ Gregory - Head Dubbin - Deeply Rooted House Audio Dub Odyssey - This Dub - Ovum Recordings M.in - Work That Body - Off CDR Gideon - Mystery Guest - Kanzleramt Lawrence - Blow Up - Spectral Sound