Los Hermanosが『Descendants Of The Resistance』を発表

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    Tue, 10 Sep 2013, 08:06
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  • Gerald Mitchellによるプロジェクトの6年振りとなるアルバムがリリース
  • Los Hermanosが『Descendants Of The Resistance』を発表 image
  • Los Hermanos?????????Descendants Of The Resistance?????9?8??GMI Productions?????????? ?????·?????????????????Underground Resistance????????????????????????Gerald Mitchell?????????Los Hermanos?2004???????????One Another Level?????2007???Traditions & Concepts?????6??????????????Descendants Of The Resistance?????????????“?????????”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????UR???????????????????????????????????????????????"Angel Feathers"???????????Christina Perez????????????Bob Rogue?????·????"Binary Funk Influence"??????????????????????????????????????????Bill Beavers????Ron Mitchell???????????17???????????????????????????????Los Hermanos????????????????????Gerald???????????GMI Productions??CD??????????? Tracklist 01. Angel Feathers ft. Christina Perez 02. Our Private Party ft. Bill Beavers aka Billy Love 03. Keep Hold Tight ft. Lepumpernic 04. Flamenco 05. Rhythm Of Love ft. Ron Mitchell 06. I Got Somebody ft. Soul Saver 07. Don’t Go Stay ft. J. Rich 08. Truth About Techno 09. The Descendants 10. Expression In Detroit 11. Return Of Sundial – Santiago Salazar Revelation 12. Far Beyond Sight 13. Hey You ft. Soul Saver 14. Binary Funk Influence 15. All Over Me ft. Soul Saver 16. Fusion a Thought 17. You Should Be Here ?Descendants Of The Resistance????GMI Productions??????