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  • The word "techno" has had many different connotations to date. For some — it's a simple rhythm pattern created on a drum machine, for others — a beautiful legend from Detroit. Furthermore to some this is the future, while others perceive it only as the past. For the new Moscow-based label "Techno Gipsy" it is an uncanny amalgamation of all these feelings and emotions, which can only accommodate such a big word with only five letters. "Techno Gipsy" as a record label is a logical extension of the ideology of the party series that goes by the very same name! Techno Gipsy the label will stick to a clear (and at the same time very diverse) line in its releases: techno, techno and only techno music. From the sound of modern Berlin, dutifully sticking to the roots of the genre with true techno stoicism to the genre defining anthems of the past, present and future!