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  • Trolldans was founded in 2012 by Olle Bergkvist. The concept of Trolldans was literally given by nature: It is inspired both by the weather-beaten coastal town of Skanör, where Olle grew up, and the wondrous paintings and illustrations of John Bauer (1882-1918), representing archetypal Swedish nature and folklore. As an homage to John Bauer's influence, every Trolldans release comes with a full front illustration of his on the cover, selected to represent the mood of the specific record. For us it's always been moods before genres, and with Trolldans you can judge the content by it's cover. But Trolldans is not just a label - it's a place of refuge. As you put the needle to our round vinyl discs they become black holes for you to escape into. Escape the dull toils of everyday life; the oppressing norms of society; the trends and hypes and the pressure to keep up. Trolldans is that rippling stream you found as a child, beyond the gardens and fences and houses. A secret place where you'd sit on your own just to watch the water flow, and no-one would know where you were. Trolldans is the beautiful clearing that suddenly appeared in the dark woods you'd walk in as a youngster, trying to rid yourself of even darker thoughts. A place with soft grass made for bare feet and a sky above almost to bright to look at. Trolldans is those sweet but melancholic memories of dear objects and beings now lost, but once so close. So close, in fact, that our music enables you to reach out and touch them. Artists connected to Trolldans: Recondite, Skudge, Claudio PRC, Svreca, Albert van Abbe, DJ Skirt, Inigo Kennedy, Fulast.