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  • Deep Beep Records was established by Zsolt Baksa (Max Demand, Garen Daren) and Tamas Jankovich (Reclusive) in 2011. The main style of the label is deep, tech-house. Our main goal is to present quality music each month, to find and keep those performers, who also think quality is not an extra service when it comes to music, but a natural thing. We believe that good music doesn't exclusively depends on reputation, for this reason we consider it important, that not only the well-known names should succed in the scene, young talented artists should also get a chance to make a debut. Of course highest expectations have to be fulfilled for this. Quality recruitment is very important , that's why the duties of our label aren't confined to just producing music. We keep our artists employed, we don't need them just up to one track. Our special point is working on a team spirit, too. We would like to create a group of the most valueable artists from today and from the future, to support them with professional and well functioning services. Our company doesn't stop by releasing tracks of the artists, we also represent them, promote and support them. What proves this statement is, that more than a dozen of experts (PR, Marketing, Web, Distributors, etc. ) work on our releases. This mutual confidence and cooperation is what makes Deep Beep Records different from other companies. What's the most important for us is outstanding quality and content with value.


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