Days Of Being Wild



  • French producers and djs Franz Kirmann and Jérome "Catalepsia" Bazzanella join forces, skills and passion for great dance music to bring a new label to the London dance scene. From disco to techno (with an open mind) Days Of Being Wild has the nostalgia of the early underground, sweaty and rough parties of Detroit and Chicago. No bullshit, no frills, just the will to play good dance music and dance all night. Discography: WILD001: Catalepsia Vs Franz Kirmann EP WILD002: Catalepsia - Harbouration EP WILD003: Franz Kirmann - Spinner EP WILD004: Catalepsia - Dope Menace EP WILD005: Catalepsia - Les Seigneurs EP WILD006: Sir Ouakam - Tenebres EP WILD007: Catalepsia - Task Cards EP WILD008: Minor Loud - Morph EP WILD009: Sir Ouakam - Saudisco EP WILD010: Catalepsia - Conducting The Band EP WILD011: Los Lopez feat Clyde - Are You A Lesbian? EP WILD012: Carreno Is LB - Monster Truck EP WILD013: Eskimo Twins - Apikoros EP WILD014: Eskimo Twins - Apikoros EP (Remixes) WILD015: Club Bizarre - La Mort Du Petit Cheval EP


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