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  • Being DJ’s and just people who are fond of electronic music, guys from “Tiny Toon” and “Marcato” projects step-by-step began to realize that they needed to take some measures to show their originality. Such measure was a decision to write music. Guys began to develop their skills, helping each other and being brothers-in-arms. As it was very difficult to find the very label for releasing their tracks, “Tiny Toon” and “Marcato” had made a decision to create their own label “Sex Panda Records” and to show underground sound and their skills to co-operate not only with successful artists, but also to find new names with their own opinion how the real underground sound should be. "Sex Panda Records" is a label focused on the high-quality techno, tech-house and progressive music. The main label's purpose to create a powerful team of artists, which will be able not only to release their tracks successfully, but to go abroad as DJ's under "Sex Panda Booking" and to show the latest tendencies in electronic music.