Chameleon Recordings



  • Record label and art project run by Australian artist and musician Steve Ward. Chameleon is a global movement dedicated to the exploration of alternative art forms and its connection with the modern human psyche. We are global collective of artists, both musical and visual that are committed to a collaboration that will ultimately displace modern conventions. Our record label provides an outlet for all forms of creative media, fusing photography, creative writing and graphic design along side the varied spectrum of techno-house. Our events are a musical & visual exhibition curated to offer a complete multi media attack on the senses. Over the past 4 years our events have been held in some of the most influential cities around the globe: Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Aukland & Queenstown (New Zealand). We are also a brand which is passionate about implementing sustainability techniques into common business practice. Alongside our solar powered head office and music studio, we have created the “Chameleon Trees Initiative” which is a concept sees our team plant a native Australian gum tree for every vinyl sold or for every 100 tracks downloaded digitally. We are Chameleon Recordings…
Where cutting-edge electronic music lives, breathes and adapts.