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  • In these days of high-speed internet, immediate access to music and everchanging hype phenomenoms, RETREAT invites you to take a deep breath, put a record on the turntable, turn up the volume and just enjoy 15 minutes of pure, undiluted and concrete GROOVES, for RETREAT is a vinyl-only label… Founded by Yanneck Salvo (aka Quarion) and Hauke Freer (one half of Session Victim), the label simply intents to release quality dancefloor music: its roots span from Jazz to Drum n' Bass, its sound carries a modern House esthetic and its vision embodies the concept of "Techno" (as a forward-thinking music genre). Like a REAL postcard from an old friend, free espressos after a fine italian meal or an extra surprise record in the package from your favourite discogs dealer, RETREAT aims to be this 'lil something you didn’t expect that puts a smile on your face…and moves your ass!