• Presently we are based between Budapest (Hungary) and Berlin (Germany). Accordingly we are strongly influenced by our two locations,with both cities being renowned worldwide for their individual flavour and culture, so too we feel our approach and ideas in running two-B-music as a company resonates these qualities for us, while we are living and working between two such diverse and colourful cities! Two-B-music is strongly intrested in an exchange of intrests and creative ideas between both towns and their artists. Therefore we have set up a great store by including them in our projects and releases, to reach together the aim of publishing sophisticated and high quality music stamped out of the different minds combined. Presently we are mainly dealing with sounds that can be described as emotional house- and techno variations, combined with an artistic disposition, that together creates a kind of melancholy and dreamines, individual electronic expressions developed from our heads in times and on the other hand out of the charackters of our home towns. Electronic Dancemusic for body and soul!


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