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  • Dootrecords is a dark independent italian label established at the end of 2007. Dootrecords brings you to a set of heterogeneous visions generated from the dreams of Mowree and his music conception. Doot's sound ranges from mental and hypnotic synths to rhythmic floor killers, where the only objective is to capture the attention of who's listening. Melancholy, Melody, Incantation, Power, Psych.... these are just some of the elements that determine the musical journey that is dootrecords. Not only is the label equipt with a well defined musical direction, but can also boast publishing support from Gio"MBG"Canepa, with over 20 years of success in the underground music scene. Dootrecords is a project, an idea, a dream in constant evolution, through which Mowree expresses his constant desire to experiment, comunicate & share musical journeys with one & all who have the gift of arriving to the heart, soul and mind of who listens. In few words, Dootrecords wants to take you where you might forget yourself.