• Mephyst is a record label created in 2010, but released on the air in 2012, at first it was just an amateur project, friends very close to the label were those who encouraged to make known the music that was coming out of us, This was how this race began, at first the music was so empirical that we did not find a sound to be happy with, but little by little we adopted a more conformed sound, more tight in terms of sound quality, but it was not but until 2015 when the label began to take force, in 2016 Mephyst released some Eps, which were some, remarkable, in the year 2017 Mephyst already with strength and with more fluency and solids in the sound enters with force in the Hard Techno market, among our artists are like: Wacky Kid, Pyramidal Decode, Theo Komp, Monolyth, Ola Oscura , Juank Heart, Planet Wave, Nodek, Wolfheads, Tøtal, Ben Khlifa, Ricky Cross, Matt Altman, Wacky Kid, among many other collaborators and Exclusive Artist: A Primitive Trait, Acclaim To The Gods, Antaegonist Our music has been played by artists such as: Kobosil I hate Models Svarog Shlomi Aber Spiros Kaloumenos and other great artist!!


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