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  • The facts. Music sounds best in dark rooms with big sound systems, phones on the dance-floor kill the mood and the humble kitchen is where it’s at when it comes to getting the happy vibes started. Just ask the KitchenSync boys in the U.A.E. – Adam , Jovian and Zico – who have turned their impromptu throw-downs into regular live-streamed KitchenSync Sessions and, most importantly, set up KitchenSync Records which has quickly picked up plaudits from across the world. Officially launched at the start of 2017, the KitchenSync Sessions are a monthly webcast beamed live from various kitchens across the UAE featuring Adam, Jovian, Zico and guests on deck duty. Friends for more than 15 years, the trio bring a wide range of musical influences to the 4-10pm warm-up sessions, ranging from downtempo electronica, left-field cuts, deep house, tech-house and techno. Those KitchenSync sessions evolved into regular Behind The Sync shows, where they invited down industry experts, artists and influencers to discuss current topics and shine a light on up-coming producers, DJs and promoters. The next step was an obvious one, and one that’s seen the KitchenSync crew take their sound around the world as they launched KitchenSync Records. Using their broad industry knowledge from over two decades – the Kitchen crew are all DJs and artists covering graphic design, experiential and sound engineering - they rolled out their first EP in January 2018, with a full release schedule all the way until summer 2019. Keeping the label on-brand, they’ve cleverly used photos of classic kitchen ingredients for their simple and stunning artwork, with the releases spanning the full range of electronic music from after-hours sounds to deep house and hands-up, heads-down industrial techno. With their Fairmont remix of Adam’s ‘F.A.R.’ getting widespread play, big names like Resident Advisor and XL8R shining a light on their cutting-edge sound and a slew of singles, EPs and compilations in the works, the