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  • The Invite’s Choice project by founder/label owner, Tim van Paradijs, was formed in 2011 and includes a well-received podcast series, recordlabel and the popular Label Night showcases. The birth of the label has put the focus of Invite’s Choice more on Tim’s personal preferences. The labels output is a reflection of a 90’s vibe: sustainable modern day techno that combines the old with the new, very much the way Tim plays while performing under his alias Invite. Asked about the goal for Invite’s Choice, Tim’s enthusiasm is clear. “The bigger goal is to give people a portal where they can delve into electronic music, my lifelong passion,” he explains. The label he now manages seems like the logical next step. “Artists releasing music on the Invite’s Choice label are required to have contributed to the podcast, which makes the label an extension of the series.” Tim goes on to say “the Label Nights artists are my personal favorite picks”. What started out as a means to share music through podcasts, has grown into a platform where DJ’s and musicians alike have the freedom to share their take on music through performances at Label Nights, as well as contributions to the Invite’s Choice label and podcast. Invite’s Choice has organically become a multifaceted, quality label that strikes a careful balance between the familiar, the unfamiliar and everything in between, ensuring a lasting position in the music industry. Releases Invite - Phonology EP (ICR001) Various Artists - Subtle Behavior EP (ICR002) Various Artists - Strange Science EP (ICR003) Various Artists - Wrong Methods EP (ICR004) Various Artists - Dark Sequences EP (ICR005) Invite - Forbidden Transition EP (ICR006) Various Artists - Compact Signal EP (ICR007) Drafted - Frame Secrets EP (ICR008) Eric Fetcher - Dynamic Process (ICR009)