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  • "Some reasoning controls the political factions and fosters agreement: justice and equality reign thanks to it. With mathematical reasoning we set aside behavioural differences. Thanks to mathematics the poor can take from the rich and the rich can give to the poor - both have trust in this mathematical reasoning to obtain equal action." Archytas Arkita is a project borne from the joint collaboration of Synkopheit and Madalba. Its objective is to find some common ground between the different musical trends of these two artists. The title of the project has been inspired by the fascinating figure of Archytas (428-369 B.C.), a Greek philosopher/mathematician/politician who was the first ancient scholar to propose grouping together canonical disciplines (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music) into the Quadrivium. The extremely eclectic nature of this historical figure perfectly adapts itself with the proposed musical style, a blend between two different experiences that possess a common matrix. Sound is techno, strong, while the settings are completely irrational. In Arkita is the meeting place between analysis and technical attention towards sound and a sort of fascination for instinctive and hypnotic rhythms. This leads to the idea of a pluri-dimensional dance-floor and of a complete sound experience - one that is both psychedelic and mathematic, eclectic and symmetric at the same time. The extremely versatile connotation of the project fosters a sort of remoteness from fixed "categorizations" of techno music in the choice and quality of sound, while firmly holding on to its the technical, cultural and political foundations.


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