• LumièresLaNuit (alias LLN) is a London-based French label dedicated to creating Minimal-Techno music and well-crafted products for DJs, music producers and casual listeners. LumièresLaNuit is originally inspired from the lights shining on Earth at night and the multiple emotions that come to people in the darkness such as happiness, fear or excitement. It is also a reference to the intellectual movement initiated in Europe during the XVIIIth century, “Les Lumières”. At LumièresLaNuit we think there are a multitude of approaches to express yourself through electronic music and infinite ways to translate them emotionally, visually, and physically. We constantly try to identify new aesthetic codes as well as the true nature of artists and audience playing and listening to Minimal-Techno today. We strongly believe in the interdependence of Arts and that the combination of Music and Design can lead to new frontiers. “A music label is more than a piece of vinyl, it is an endless exploration that can come from anywhere, anyone."


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