EX.096 Roly Porter

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    8 Jun 2012
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  • The former Vex'd man talks bass.
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  • Roly Porter loves bass. It's been the defining throughline of both his work with Jamie Teasdale as Vex'd and his 2011 solo album, Aftertime. As part of Vex'd, Porter charted a possible path for dubstep in its early days, and released one of its first full-lengths, Degenerate. The duo eventually broke apart, and Porter faded from view, hardly listening to music—let alone making it. Last year, though, he re-emerged under his own name, with an album that contained an indefinable mix of sub-heavy avant-classical. We caught up with Porter as part of our Live RA Exchange series at 2012's Mutek Festival in Montreal. Photo credit: Isla Kriss
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